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The Ultimate Freedom Seminar
Strategic Goal Achievement System

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The Ultimate Freedom Seminar

Your condition is your choice! Choose success, prosperity and abundance in your life. Give us three hours and we'll show you how to choose success in your daily life.

TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE FOREVER!!! Throughout history, there have been individuals who thrived during any economic condition. Through our research, we have discovered and applied the principles that these individuals used and want to share them with you. You will learn to design your personal blueprint for YOUR life, based on your unique talents and desires. We will discuss concrete ways for you to change your ways of thinking and speaking to begin thinking, speaking and doing the things you want in your life, rather than the things you don't want.

In your Goal Setting Workshop, you will learn to set goals for your personal and professional success. Many people think they have goals, while what they really have is a series of wishes and fantasies. Goal setting and achievement is the delineating difference between success and mediocrity. By attending and participating in this motivational 3 hour seminar, you will be exposed to three goal setting experts and their time tested approach to planning your goals and keeping your goals in the forefront of your mind. By applying these techniques, you very well may get more done this year than you did in your entire life.

3 P Goals: Learn to set your goals in the personal, positive and present tense.

Belief: Learn to live in faith, not fear. Your mental beliefs & states determine the way you will experience your life's conditions. You will learn to believe that your life can and will be abundant.

Visualization: Learn concrete and effective techniques to continually use the power of creative visualization to accomplish your heart's desires.

Daily Planning: Learn to keep the 'seeds' of your goals in the forefront of your mind. Use your will power to focus on the things you want through a 'mental house cleaning' each morning.

Focus on the goals that inspire YOU!
Do as Shakespeare once said, "To thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man." True motivation comes from living the life YOU are meant to live. You will learn to identify your true vocation and set goals to live the most abundant life possible.

Cause & Effect. Learn to apply the mental laws, especially cause and effect.

Applying what you Learn: When you apply what you learn at this event, your life will literally transform before your eyes. You will learn the best practices in modern goal setting/accomplishment techniques and understand what the those who get a lot done in their lives do and replicate their good habits.

Park in the rear of the College's Main building and enter the auditorium door marked in red. Click here for larger map.

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STOP FANTASIZING & WISHING AND START PLANNING AND ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS! We want you to energize your life and for you to meet your goals! It has been said that success is goals and that all else is commentary. Set your & achieve your goals to make it happen.

Frank Williams - See Frank LIVE
Experience Frank's explosive energy and see why he has coached hundreds of clients to success in business, fitness, relationships, addictions and personal success.

Rich Goldberg - See Rich LIVE
See Rich's engaging and charismatic approach to life and business. He will help you see the lighter side of life and will help you set and achieve your goals with fun, excitement and humor!


Thomas Roman - See Tom LIVE
Experience Tom's energetic and motivational style and learn how he successfully used goals to build several successful businesses and how he helped hundreds of clients grow theirs, too. He will teach you the essential mental laws and tactical goal achievement techniques to reach your personal and professional goals.

Having no plan is planning to fail. This one day seminar will teach you to develop realistic goals and you will leave with a concrete plan to meet them.

Some of the GREAT BENEFITS you will walk away with:

  1. LEARN the hidden secrets to achieving your goals and overcoming obstacles and roadblocks THE EASY WAY
  2. DISCOVER how to become a more confident person and how positive thinking can and will transform your life FOREVER
  3. UNCOVER 7 major "negative" emotions that may be holding you back from creating and experiencing an awesome life, the one you deserve. Find out what 7 major "positive" emotions you need to include more of into your life. The emotions that are your building blocks for an extraordinary future
  4. DISCOVER why creating a higher comfort level is vital to achieving your goals.
  5. FIND out what the #1 greatest weakness is, that holds most people back from having the life they always hoped for, talked about, and dreamt about